keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

Vi har Marx läskrets idag...

så på FB skriver jag:

Re-stating the obvious: Because a capitalists rate of profit depends on His ability to exploit workers more than is socially necessary (i.e. needed for the worker to survive and have a socially adequate degree of comfort as well as allowing the production to continue), He will only be constrained by the SOCIALLY ACCEPTED rate of exploitation. This is why any and all labor movements & unions must work globally if we are to ensure that no government or society accepts inhumane rates of exploitation - even if & when this means lowering our conceptions of what we think is socially necessary in our lives (do you really need that 50th t-shirt from H&M or a gasoline powered leaf-blower?).

Typ så tycker jag idag, kanske jag ändrar mig imorgon.